Our team

Ex-pro team – are experienced and qualified specialists, who know and love their job. We are friendly and close-knit team of fans - travelers. Yes, we love to travel and want you to fall in love with it too!

Each of us is a part of a single mechanism. And that mechanism did not allow failing, each of us do each task skillfully and with great interest. Our version of the holiday is a change of the idea about active vacation. Our goal is to show you the most picturesque places and untouched wilderness areas.

We create an environment in which participants of traveling feel themselves not guests or customers of travel agencies, namely a full participant and a member of the big team.

This is an individual experience for every participant of the traveling. This journey will surely remain memories on photos depicted the brightest moments.

Why you should choose us:

  • Because we are a tour operator, not a mediator.
  • Because of the ability of moving constantly by well-prepared off-roadsters, allows us to see the place untouched by the tourist.
  • Because you are accompanied by: highly qualified drivers - mechanics, a professional fishing guide - instructor, master chef - cook and the other team members.
  • Because daily activities of the trip are worked out at the highest level. And because of modern and reliable equipment, an improvised field kitchen and Russian sauna.
  • Because our vehicles are equipped with navigation system, equipped with power supply 220V and a freezer.
  • Because we provide life and health insurance, and accident insurance for each participant of the traveling.
  • Because, if you desire, we will create an individual program of traveling for you and your friends.

Car park

Specially prepared SUVs. 

Our team has own vehicle fleet of the versatile, prepared SUVs which can pass tens of thousands of kilometers of the Mongolian off road terrain. Jeeps are equipped with the most modern equipment for off-road driving. Because of the high passableness in off-road conditions of Mongolia terrain, these cars got a nickname - "Mongolet".

Our Jeeps

Chernyuk Alexander

Candidate Master of Sports of motorsport, Candidate Master of Sports of sports tourism. Technician-mechanic.
As the competent mechanic-sportsman, Alexander can solve any problem just by one glance. Moreover, as a result, anything which he begins to repair becomes the reliable off roadster. We have 3 such cars.
Off-road electronic engineer: he has golden hands and platinum contacts. Perhaps, because of the increased magnetism he travels all the time.
There is an idea that Alexander has the built-in GPS after all.

Chernyuk Alexander

Chernyuk Denis

Professional fisherman, athlete.
As a true fisherman, Denis, almost never exaggerates the size of the catch. He can catch any fish everywhere - even in the desert. A couple times he caught fried and in tomato sauce fish. In the dream Denis lists kinds of baits. Also, you should not be surprised that a photo in his passport is with a fishing rod too.

Chernyuk Denis

Romanov Dmitry

An adventurer and sportsman.

The navigator of the crew of the UAZ vehicle, which is participating in competitions to overcome off-road (the trophy-raids). The double champion of the Altai Krai of trophy-raid in the class TR-2, the double champion of Siberia of trophy-raid in the class of Tourism. He knows where and how to drive the car on rough terrain. Beginners-drivers, under his leadership, can climb and descend from the pass of 5 difficulty category. He do not imagine his life without traveling.

Dmitry Romanov

Soloviev Nikolai

Professional fisherman. Full-time guide-instructor of Ex-pro team in fishing.

In fishing circles he is known as The Honourable Mr. "Progressor". He is an experienced fishing instructor, knowing the local ponds. He will teach beginners the basics of fishing also, he will help to determine the choice of fishing equipment and will help experienced fishermen to sharpen their skills. He will tell you how to improve your fishing equipment and bait. He will teach you searching tactics of fishing in the waters of Mongolia in different conditions: whether it is a large lake, a small duct or rapids of a mountain river. You will not leave without a catch.

 Soloviev Nikolai

Ryabova Tatiana

Master of Sports of the smile and charm.

We are pleased to make the route to your individual request. She will offer several options of travelling, according to your wishes; she will talk about the beauty of the mysterious Altai and Mongolia, she knows it not by hearsay. She takes an active part in our trips, camps setting and fishing.

 Ryabova Tatiana

Usynin Sergei

Master of the kitchen.

It is simply impossible to remain indifferent to his cuisine. The memories of the culinary delights of our Master will remain in our memory for a long time. Having vast experience of cooking in field conditions, he is able to surprise any gourmet with his creations.

 Sergei Usynin

Do you want to become a part of our team and test yourself?

We will help you to see places of your dream that were just pictures on your computer monitors with your own eyes.

For us, travelling is not just profession; it is a way of life, our philosophy, which we ready to share with you.

  Traveling for us is not a profession; it is a way of life, our philosophy which we are ready to share with you!
Team Ex-Pro



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