Ukok Plateau. Treasury of the ancient Scythians

Days: 8

Dates of the tour are on request.


It is not easy to get to this place. We will overcome the 2 200 kilometers of steep and dangerous mountain passes of Bogomuyus and Teplii Kluch. We will get to the border of four states: Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan – here there is a wild Ukok Plateau. The time here is melting as in paintings of Dali. And along with it a resident of the modern metropolis is dissolving. Calls, graphics, timelines, negotiations, pulsated in you during the whole year, turning into an echo, which soon fell silent. You're like a huge vessel is filling with powerful energy and impressions. We offer you 8 days in the zone of peace.

1 day.

At the foot of the glacier.

Today we begin our journey. We will overcome approximately 700 km of Chuysky Trakt from Barnaul to the village of Kurai. In the evening we will stop at a cozy glade with a gorgeous view to the North-Chuya ridge. Dinner will be prepared on the stake and the beautiful sunset will decorate our evening.

2 day.

Hot radon baths.

In the morning we leave the glade. Today our goal is to get to the Teplii Kluch pass. On our way we will find a lot of interesting things: grazing in the high mountain steppes wild yaks and camels, wild steppe nature - for dozens of kilometers around not a single tree. When we will arrive to the Teplii Kluch we will dive in the hot tub on the altitude of 2 km. Radon baths are the real source of vitality and energy. We will spend the night near it. In the morning a dangerous climb will be waiting for us.

3 day.

Plateau of four borders.

Are you scared of 3 000 meters height? Today we begin to storm it. The Teplii Kluch is the highest automotive pass in Altai, but right behind it is the same Quiet Zone - Ukok Plateau. Snowy peaks surrounding plateau shoot up to the incredible height and the plateau spreads with waves of emerald grass. It is crossed by raging rivers and bourders of Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. It is difficult to find something in nature more beautiful than that. On the bank of the lake we will set a camp. At the dawn we will be awakened by sunlight bursting through the ice caps of the proud and majestic southern Altai.

4 day.

Stone pages of the history.

Early in the morning we will continue our trip – we will go to the merger of the two beautiful rivers: Ak-Alah and Kalguta. On the way we will have extensive historical and educational program: we will see the biggest rock inscriptions of Ukok and the ancient Kazakh cemetery with a large number of burial mounds. The petroglyphs of Bertekskaya pisanitsa are date back to the Stone Age. The drawings carved on the rocks, just fascinating. The ancient inhabitants of the high plateau are truly were able to perpetuate their "picture of life". In the evening we will set a camp on the bank of the river Ak-Alah. It is translated into Russian as - White River. Our view from the tent will be the second peak of Altai - Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola.

5 day.

The River ford crossing.

After breakfast we will go to conquer this very ford - White River. And then we will go through the high mountain steppes of Ukok to the Bogomaz pass. You cannot even imagine what a big variety of plants and herbs is found here. Many of them are listed as endangered in The Red Book. It is save here. Even the wild animals - foxes, mountain goats, marmots and other animals also feel safe here. Dinner will be waiting for us in the village of Belyashi.

6 day.

From the steppe weddings to the river Cox.

Today we will see a Turkic place of merrymaking and weddings, now just Samahu steppe. But before here was a real merrymaking. It is a spectacular view. In the evening we will arrive to the River Cox. Here we will finish this day under a crackling fire and delicious baked fish.

7 day.

Kurai steppe.

Here, at Samahu our route looped. Today we are coming back to the village Kurai. We were here on the first day, do you remember?

8 day.

Chuysky Trakt.

Our adventure comes to an end. We have 700 km of picturesque and varied Chuysky trakt, behind us are the magnificent and inaccessible peaks of the Altai Mountains and the eternal rest area. In the evening we will be in Barnaul. We leave, but we hope for a new meeting and new unforgettable adventure!

Days: 8

Price: 50 000 rubles for 1 person.


The cost of the trip includes:

  • All transformational costs on the route;
  • Meeting at the airport/ railway station in Barnaul;
  • Provision of the necessary equipment (mats, sleeping bags, tents, dishes);
  • Three meals daily in the journey;
  • Guide and instructor services;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Satellite Communications ;
  • The group first aid kit.

Additional services (not included in the tour price):

  • Meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Barnaul;
  • The costs associated with the purchase of souvenirs;
  • Alcoholic drinks.


Traveling does not require any special training or additional skills.

But if you have a serious illness, it is necessary to notify at the time of filing the request.


You can make a group or individual request on any date.
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