Individual tours "Аll inclusive"


It is almost unreal to find a person, who does not love to travel. Any journey is a bif number of new impressions, emotions and knowledge. But let's be honest, do you always like the route and the program that are literally impose to you? Of course not.

Ex-pro team offers to look at the travelling from a completely different angle.

Get ready to see something that most tourists did not see!

You have the opportunity to build your own personal route by off-road vehicles from 5 to 30 days. Without any doubts, you will remember this journey forever. There are no limits. Just tell us where you want to go, what do you want to see and how much time you want to spend on the road. The rest trust us!

We will provide off-road vehicles for you, which are prepared for any conditions. Moreover, during the journey the technical car will accompany you, so that even in unexpected situations you can be sure that everything will be perfect.

Ex-pro team is true professionals. For us, there are no «inappropriate» routes. Dawn at the top of the mountain? Sunset at the coast of magical Lake Baikal? The Explosive trip to the Gobi Desert? Get ready to believe that there is nothing impossible! The world is full of impressions, and all that was previously unavailable, today it becomes a reality!

This is called an individual approach to each client. No limits, complete freedom of actions and completely new recreation opportunities, which you could only dream of!

Please, pay your attention that Ex-pro team is an official tour operator. All our tourists are insured against accidents and any unforeseen incidents.

Take a look at the world in a completely new way!

W e invite you to enjoy a completely unique journey. Just have fun with your first real adventure and do not think about the trivial matters. All organizational matters and every day issues are for us to manage. Get ready to taste a real freedom without any troubles and waste of time. Professional guides who will pave the way for the most difficult routes and incredible places of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Get ready to see something you did not even think of before. Something you did not even imagine.

What is needed to view the world the way you always dreamed of? Only a passport and a desire to finally escape from your comfort zone. All the rest entrust to the professionals.

Only your freedom to choose!

You cannot disagree that there is nothing better than to build your own route, to leave behind old excursions and even to correct the route during the trip. Primordial nature, incredibly beautiful scenery, wild conditions and you, ready to meet all of these face-to-face.

We give you freedom! Become pioneers; go to the places where no one has ever been; take a break from daily routine and feel the real unity with the nature. Because this is exactly what each of us sometimes do not have enough. Just open the map and show us what you want to see.

The world is too big to walk the trodden paths!


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