Grayling fishing in Mongolia

Days: 9

Dates: 06/14/2018 - 06/22/2018                             Remained places: 8 

Dates: 06/21/2018 - 06/29/2018                           Remained places: 8 

Price: 59 000 rubles for 1 person


1 day.

In anticipation.

We start. During the day we will drive about 700 km - to overcome Chuiski and be in the Kurai steppe. There, in a clearing, and we will divide his first camp. You can not even imagine what magnificent beauty of the snow-capped peaks of the North-Chuya ridge will surround us!

2 day.

The first cast.

In the morning we will cross the border and go to the Bayan-Ulgii town. Here we change currency, buy everything we need and go to the first place of camp, the place of dizzying fresh air, breathtaking passes and crystal clean river. The road runs along the canyon and the bed of the Khovd River. Here we will set a camp today. We take out our tackles and enjoy the first fishing.

3 day.

Warm up.

Today's morning is devoted to fishing on the Khovd river. During the lunch time we go to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. We will make a stop on Lake Houghton Nuur. Picturesque places, mountains with a snow cover and excellent bite please us during this day.

4 day.

Straight ahead for the trophies.

Today's day is dedicated to Houghton Nuur Lake. Not far from our camp in the ridge, opposite the lake there are five gorges, in depths of which extending the snowy peaks. From this place originate the tributaries of the lake. Southwest coast is outlined by larch forest and there is a small island in the middle. Here we relieve our feelings by fishing a 2kg fish. Then, we have a grilled on a fire fish.

5 day.

On the paths of the nomads...

When the sun comes up we go fishing. These are the last hours of our being near this lake. In the afternoon we will travel to the next representative of the Great Lakes basin -Dayan Nuur. Its North-West coast borders with the picturesque snowy slopes of the mountain range Under-Khairkhan Uul. East and south coasts are mostly covered with dunes and deciduous forests. On the way we will meet the monuments of ancient Mongolian culture: stone women, burial mounds and sculptures. After lunch we arrive to the parking lot camp at the lake Dayan Nuur. Here is a great grayling bite of impressive size.

6 day.

Sport fishing.

The sport interest of fishermen runs high. Plus, unknown waters evoke the excitement to get the trophy. You can easily meet nomads in these surroundings. They will gladly show their yurts, huge herds of dzos, yaks and camels, also show you the peculiarities of everyday life. And if you will not lose a moment you can catch grayling up to 2.5 kg or osman up to 5 kg. If you try hard, you will manage to catch rare black grayling. Today's evening is accompanied by hot stories, loud toasts and lively songs.

7 day.

National character.

Today we go to the nearby locality boundaries of Bayan-Ulgii. Accommodation in yurt national and national dinner will provide an opportunity to experience the essence of your stay in Mongolia.

8 day.

Leaving Mongolia.

Today we have morning fishing, then returning to the already familiar Bayan-Ulgii town. We will have lunch in the restaurant and buy some Mongolian souvenirs at the local market. After that we will cross the Russian-Mongolian border. The night we will spent in a familiar friendly hotel in Kosh-Agach village.

9 day.


The journey is over and we go home. Raging rapids Chui, a gallery of rock paintings in the tract Kalbak-Tash - it's all on the road. Late in the evening we are in Barnaul.

Days: 9

Dates of the tour are on request.


The cost of the trip includes:

  • All transformational costs on the route;
  • Meeting at the airport/ railway station in Barnaul;
  • Permits and passes to the National Park;
  • Permits and passes to the border zone;
  • Provision of the necessary equipment (mats, sleeping bags, tents, dishes);
  • Three meals daily in the journey;
  • Guide and instructor services;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Satellite Communications ;
  • The group first aid kit.

Additional services (not included in the tour price):

  • Meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Barnaul;
  • Pusrchase of an additional fishing equipment and takcles;
  • The costs associated with the purchase of souvenirs;
  • Alcoholic drinks.


Traveling does not require any special training or additional skills.

But if you have a serious illness, it is necessary to notify at the time of filing the request.


You can make a group or individual request on any date
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