Altai – Around the World

Altai – Around the World

On our route we will see the fascinating glaciers of the big and small AK-TRU, make a radial exit to the Blue lake (vys. 2850 above sea level), and also we will visit katu-Yaryk pass-the most picturesque place of Altai.

The Katun river
машины на фоне актру

Already near the kurai steppe we will see the snow-white peaks of the glaciers of the big and small AK-TRU. It’s 8 days of new experiences, emotions and adventures.

altai republic
Ak tru

We are waiting for a radial exit to geyser lake. In the center of the beat thermal springs, bringing to the bottom of the lake beautiful blue silt.

Geyser lake, Aktash

We will overcome 9 loops of the Katu-Yaryk mountain pass. No “suhpaykov”, only the tastiest food from the chef.

Katu-Yaryk Pass

We will make trekking to uchar waterfall (Big chulchinsky waterfall), which is located on the right tributary of Chulyshman. An experienced guide will tell you about local legends.

Waterfalls in the Altai

We will take a boat trip on lake Teletskoye. The guide-instructor will show us and tell us about the waterfalls of this lake.

by boat

And in the evening we will set up a field bathhouse Ex-pro on the shore. And finally we will visit a tour of the unique petroglyphic complex under the open sky.

bathhouse EX-PRO
Petroglyphs in the Altai

Tours "Altai – Around the World"

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