Winter fishing in Mongolia

Winter fishing in Mongolia

A couple of years ago it was believed that winter fishing in western Mongolia is almost impossible. We have proved that it is possible and even with a high level of comfort. We are pioneers in their own way.

Winter Mongolia
Winter tours to Mongolia

We are ready to exist in any weather conditions. We ourselves produce our unique equipment. It is we who will show you what comfort is in winter.

Fishing in the Altai
Ex-pro bath module

We will need only a few minutes to build our warm modules on the ice. And this time will be enough for the first catch.

Winter fishing in Mongolia

We will devote a few days only to fishing! Fishing with comfort !!! And everyone will catch his trophy, without exception.

Fishing in Mongolia1
Black and white grayling
Fishing for grayling in winter
Black grayling, Mongolia

Alas, but even we can not stop the time, but we can make your trip bright and unique.

Tours in the winter

Tours "Winter fishing in Mongolia"

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