Grayling fishing in Mongolia

Fishing for grayling in Mongolia

A unique journey for true connoisseurs of fishing. Catching Grayling and Osman trophy size will not leave anyone indifferent, without exception. We will visit the river Hovd, and then go to the national Park Altai-Tavan-Bogd, where we will plunge into fishing on the lakes.

Дорога по Чуйскому тракту
Fishing in Mongolia

Moving through the Mongolian Park Altai-Tawan-Bogd, we will visit a network of lakes, starting with the most popular among tourists khoton-Nuur, ending with completely unknown, but the most catchy reservoirs.

fishing for grayling
camp EX-PRO
grayling in Mongolia
Рыбалка на озере Хотон
smoked grayling

Change the fishing spot a few times. Along the way, we will see cultural and historical monuments, make a memorable selfie and without wasting time continue to loot trophies. In the evening waiting for a hot bath with brooms and an unforgettable dinner from the chef. We’ll be spending the next few days at Diane lake. We will set up camp on the shore in the larch forest.

Переезд с Хотона на Даян
Каменные бабы
Хариус клюёт
Рыбалка на хариуса 2
bathhouse EX-PRO

After a fruitful fishing week we leave for Russia. The fishing tour came to an end, but positive memories remained forever.

Mongolian steppe

We return to the usual rhythm of life. Serpentine Chike-Taman, rapids of the Katun observed from the window mongolata Chuysk.

Чуйский тракт Алтай

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