The Great Lakes basin

The Great Lakes basin

The unique lakes Har-Us, Har, Ayrag, Bayan, Tore-Khol, Ubsu, Khargas, Durgen – are part of the great lakes of Mongolia. Unique landscapes throughout the trip will not leave indifferent even the most hardened skeptic. Altai rivers, rocky mountains, Mongolian desert plains and even sand dunes the size of a multi-storey house – all this awaits us for 9 days.

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The largest and deepest lake on our way is the alkaline lake of Härgas. Ideal place for finding peace of mind and a beautiful texture for memorable photos. A fascinating lagoon of Härgas, with its deserted beaches and rugged powerful terraces. The space around the lake recalls the proximity of the desert: a minimum of vegetation, low bare beaches. 2kg, 5kg, 7kg – this is not the limit for the individual Osmani in this lake.

rocks on Hyargas-Nuur
Хяргас на закате
Views of lake Hyargas
Fishing on Osman

Leaving from the mountains and rock clamps we find ourselves in a real desert. Sand dunes of many sizes – a normal landscape. Who said that skis and snowboards are exclusively winter stories? The most colorful and rich photos will be here! Is Sands of Durgen. Here begins the famous sandy massif of Mongol-ELS, but this is only the beginning.

Sands Of Zavhan
Sands Of Zavhan1
Sand dunes
По пескам на лыжах

Completion of our trip will be no less colorful. Impressive sunsets over the largest lakes in Mongolia will inform you of the approaching completion of the route.

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And finally we will spend the night in the kurai steppe of the Altai Republic. In the morning admiring the top of AK-TRU go on the Chui tract in Barnaul.

Chui ridge Altai
The Katun River

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