Taimen fishing in Mongolia

Taimen fishing in Mongolia

Hundreds of kilometers from the tired city reigns virgin nature of Mongolia, and in the rivers splashing taimen, lenok and grayling. Do you want to catch the largest representative of salmon? Join. We’re going to Central Mongolia.

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We are waiting for Lake Hargas-Nuur with its low bare banks and a representative of carp – osman.

Рыбалка на османа в Монголии

Six-day hunting, with exploration and radial trips, in pursuit of taimen.

The hunt for the “king of fish” begins on the river Ider. Bright representatives of the local fauna are also grayling and lenok.

Fishing in Mongolia
Fishing for lenok in Mongolia
Trophy fishing for taimen
The rivers of Mongolia, taimen

Crystal clear water, larch forests, sandy beaches… these are a small part of the beauty that we enjoy.

Trout fishing, Mongolia
Autumn fishing for trout

Field bath on the shore of the lake. Hubsugul will be a colorful completion of the Mongolian part.

Field bath
smoked grayling
Fishing for taimen, Mongolia

Days full of fishing are coming to an end and we have to go home.

Crossing the boundary of the Mongolia – Russia once again familiar landscapes. The Republic of Altai pleases with its autumn landscapes.

The Katun river

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